Finding Community with Dementia-Friendly Walking Groups

In 2017, when my husband, Steve, started getting lost in our house, I realized it was time for the next step in our Alzheimer’s journey—a move from Seattle to a retirement community in Vancouver. That move, to be closer to my son and daughter-in-law in Portland, meant the loss of our former support community. That community had changed over the years following Steve’s diagnosis. While … Continue reading Finding Community with Dementia-Friendly Walking Groups

Self-Care: Practice IS Perfect

Written by Sheridan Horning, LAc Self-care is a topic that can bring up many different reactions. It can inspire excitement or curiosity about learning a new way to relax and recharge. But it can also prompt anxiety around falling short of expectations about what we could and should be doing. However, in a fundamental way, if we’re alive, we have been and are taking care … Continue reading Self-Care: Practice IS Perfect