Mother Nature…Mother Nurture

The leaves of memory seemed to makeA mournful rustling in the dark.~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow I am losing my mother in pieces. She is like an autumn tree: beautiful, colorful, and dying. The breeze of Alzheimer’s whispers through the branches while her memory drops off with the leaves. One day, when her tree is finally bare, I will hold a memory of her blooming strength. She … Continue reading Mother Nature…Mother Nurture

My Cousin, Stacy

By Lori Stanton, Alzheimer’s Association Regional Manager Growing up, there were four of us. It never mattered that we didn’t all have the same Mom and Dad; as cousins, we were blood, and that was all we needed. In the earliest years, we didn’t even realize that one of us was a little different than the other three—aside from the obvious, one boy and three … Continue reading My Cousin, Stacy

How Mike’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Stole the Love of My Life

Alzheimer’s is the only disease I know of where, when it enters your life, you are completely on your own. And we felt very alone when we received the news that Mike had been diagnosed in April of 2014. Continue reading How Mike’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Stole the Love of My Life